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The Ladies of Gottesdienst Easter Hat Contest

Father Petersen's parish got it all started with this article in the Witness. Our ladies had a great time with it and we're looking forward to a second year - in fact, the ladies liked it so much that they brought out the hats again for Mothers' Day. Take a picture of your ladies on Easter in their bonnets and we'll post them here at Gottesdienst. Maybe we'll even come up with a prize. Since Petersen's congregation has already achieved fame and fortune via headgear, we'll make him the impartial judge.

You can even pass on some hat links....

It is a laudable custom, based upon a Scriptural injunction (1 Cor. 11:3-15), for women to wear an appropriate head covering in Church, especially at the time of divine service.

-The General Rubrics of The Lutheran Liturgy
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