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How the other half lives

So, let's say you've got one of those fancy rock'n'roll churches with the band, and the screen, and the coffee. And of course you are encouraging everybody to mull around and look at stuff in the gift shop and talk to each other in the Worship Center and so forth and so on before worship begins. How are you going to get everybody together for everything to start on time? Ring a church bell? Are you mad? You've got to have something cooler than that. You've got to have a countdown to worship video!

There is an entire cottage industry going for making these things. They range from the eerily Orwellian to the amazingly annoying. And here's one about how your church is so unique - you know, you and all the other churches buying this video. It reminds me of the StarzPlay opening on Netflix.

Weird, huh?


PS: "We want to unleash compassion in our community"? Is Compassion the name of some beast? Why is it bound? If it gets unbound, will Ragnarök happen? I mean, who else is "passionate" and "relentless" but Odin? The Wolf watches the hall. . .

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