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For the Work of the Ministry

In a private discussion group for pastors, an LCMS pastor made the following statement:

"Our role as pastor is not to do the work of the ministry but to equip the saints for the work of the ministry Eph 4:11-12"

Think about that.

"Our role as pastor is not to do the work of the ministry" - because Ephesians 4.

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The Roman Rite of Degradation

Our God is a God of order and not chaos. He brings form and substance to that which is formless and void. He is not vague. He does not leave things to our imagination. He is clear. It is the serpent who is crafty and seeks to deceive. He is the one who asks “Did God really say?” And when we allow men simply to resign instead of being publicly removed, we are the voice not of God’s mercy, but of the serpent’s deceit.

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