Indifference is not characteristic of the liturgy
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The Problem

How long are the inroads American Evangelicalism's theory of worship has made into Lutheranism? Within the LCMS, how great is the ignorance of basic Lutheran tenets about worship? Why does it seem you can't have a conversation with someone on the praise band side of the fence?

I give you the opening paragraph from an article lauding the new contemporary worship services (as well as Lutheran services) at Concordia - Seward. This is from the current issue of Seward's alumni magazine.

"Put down your books and pray awhile. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings students can take part in Evening Prayer, a 20-minute gathering that uses liturgies from the non-divine services of the Lutheran Service Book as its foundation."

Whatever the mild criticisms LSB has encountered from the traditionalist camp, I don't think anyone has ever called them "non-divine."

You see: folks don't even know the terms. They don't know how to talk about the liturgical heritage we all share. Prayer offices, the divine office, non-Eucharistic services - these are, evidently, foreign vocabulary items.

And did you catch "as its foundation"? I wonder what wood, hay, stubble is being built thereon.

The facing page begins: "The thumping backbeat of Christian rock music is what you'll hear when passing by Weller Hall on Wednesday evenings."

Passing by indeed!

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