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On Modesty, the Rights of Men, and the Failure of the Prophetic Voice of the Church

Beloved in the Lord, would you give a naked picture of your wife to the postman? If the US Government started requiring you to give postmen naked pictures of your wife before you could mail a letter - do you think it would be meet, right, and salutary for the Church to speak against this using Her prophetic voice?

Well, golly, friends, the US Government is requiring lots of folks to let government employees see naked pictures of themselves, their wives, and their children before allowing them to board planes. This is wrong. It violates the integrity of the household, the sanctity of the marriage bond, the innocence of childhood, and the prerogatives of the Hausvater.

Even the Gentiles know this. Dubai won't allow the scanners because they are contradictory to Islam and insulting to women. They are right. They are also contradictory to all human decency and any sense of Christian modesty.

The next time you are at the airport and they want to take a pornoscan of you or your loved one, you have the blessing of this incumbent of the Apostolic Ministry to tell them, "No, thank you, that would violate my religious principles." Some minimum wage ruffian might then pat you down, but then you could count that toward becoming a Confessor.

Any objections to this post along the lines of "they can't really see anything" or "we need this for our security" or "this isn't the Church's business" will simply be referred here.

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