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TGC 035 - Poetry and Holy Week


Poetry and Holy Week

Fr. Anthony Dodgers

In this Gottescast, The Gottesdienst Crowd discusses poetry in general, and then two Christian poets and two of their poems: John Donne’s, “La Corona: Crucifying” and George Herbert’s, “Sepulchre”. Anthony Dodgers (pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Charlotte, IA) joins us for the discussion.

Other poems to check out:

  • John Donne, “A Hymn to God the Father”

  • George Herbert, “Love III”

  • Malcolm Guite, “Palm Sunday”

  • John Donne, “Good Friday, Riding Westward” 

  • John Donne, “La Corona: Resurrection & Ascension”

  • George Herbert, “Easter Wings 1 & 2”

  • John Updike, “Seven Stanzas at Easter”

  • Edmund Spenser, “Amoretti LXVIII: Most Glorious Lord of Life”

  • John Donne, “Death, be not proud” (Divine Meditation 10)

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