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The Dormition of the B.V.M.


Why is Mary called blessed among women? Why is she apocalyptically called a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, with a crown of twelve stars upon her head? Surely because she became the mother of God, but also because she would have to have known internally and more clearly than anyone else that it is the Lord alone who works salvation, who brings down the mighty from their seats and exalts them of low degree. For she knew that she was a virgin, and that no man had done anything to bring the Savior into the world; she knew that his wondrous works and words were alone those of the incarnate God and no other man; yea, even his redemption of the world was accomplished while his own hands were impaled motionless upon a cross; and he raised himself from the dead, and ascended by his own merit alone to the right hand of the Father. We must all learn to know, as she did first, that our works and deeds and accomplishments are all vanity, for salvation is of the Lord alone. And he therefore fills the hungry with good things. Be filled therefore at the altar, despairing of yourself, and cleaving only to his wondrous works and holy Body, as did the Blessed Virgin Mary. Here’s a complete audio of the sermon

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