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On the Catholicity of Bad Church Music


Some ecumenism is built around mutual suffering.

There is a facebook group called “I’m Fed Up With Bad Church Music” - comprised mainly of church musicians from every denomination, sharing a common complaint: bad church music. It goes to show how truly “catholic” [i.e. universal] the problem really is. Christians from every confession are yearning for profundity over schlock in their worship - especially in the music used therein.

Church musician David Falterman made a funny parody of a particular songwriter that is featured by a particular hymnal that is popular in Roman Catholic circles. So much of what passes for modern hymnody sounds like emotive soundtracks of B-grade chick-flicks, and they are dull and formulaic to boot. This genre is by no means endemic to only the Roman Church, for as we all know, when the pope gets food poisoning, the LCMS is sent scurrying to drive the porcelain bus.

Admission that there is a problem is the first step to healing. And a sense of humor helps!

Here it is.

Well done, David!

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