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One Busy Little Permit!

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I just got this lovely personally-signed Easter letter from a pastor named Timothy M. Klinkenberg from Orange, California.

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It’s quite the coincidence that the bulk-mail identification is the same as the big glossy campaign postcard that we all got from Congregations Matter: “Permit #6 Tomball, Texas.”

Funny, how the post office works, isn’t it? Permit #6 in Tomball, Texas serves both St. John’s Lutheran Church in Orange, California and the “office suite” at the Naples, Florida Pak-n-Ship that Congregations Matter uses for their ecclesiastical campaign literature.

Interestingly, I-10 connects the two cities, and it’s a 2,666.5 mile drive of 39 hours from sea to shining sea across the sunny south where the oranges grow (plan on traffic in Baton Rouge, though!) - and that little old Permit #6 in Tomball (just outside of Houston) takes care of both of them!

That’s one busy little permit in a busy little town. Don’t mess with Texas, y’all!

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I don’t know how all that post office stuff works. But at any rate, I’ve never met or heard from Pastor Klinkenberg before. He seems nice. It was very thoughtful for him to think about me and send me a letter.