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My Friend Died on Easter


Aaron D. Wolf, a Christian Husband, Father and Confessor of the Faith, died in Christ on Easter Sunday evening. His body was laid to rest this day and awaits the resurrection while his soul abides with Christ even now in light and joy.

There was no other contemporary Lutheran who was able to diagnose the political, philosophical, and theological issues of the day and then clearly confess the truth like Aaron.

He was to be a guest in our home next week and I was looking forward to seeing him again, talking theology, politics and who knows what else. But that is not to be. I was glad to count him as my friend and I have full confidence that I will see him again when all the saints will be raised to life incorruptable.

His widow, Lorrie, and their six children need your help. Give to support them. May your giving be done in faith and may the Lord use your gifts to answer the prayer of the Church’s Great Litany “to defend all orphans and widows and provide for them”. Simply follow this link.

Update: Mrs. Curtis has a fine commemoration here.

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