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Imagine Immeasurably More . . . Decline (67% more!)

Again as with my last post on the state of the Michigan District , all the numbers cited are available in the back of old Lutheran Annuals.

Under President Maier, 2009–2017 (last available date): the rate of the Michigan District decline is 14.69%. Compare this to the previous 8 years (2001–2009), and the rate of decline for the Michigan District was 8.75%.

So, under District President Maier, the rate of decline has increased by 67%. That’s right folks, the Michigan District is shrinking 67% faster under President Maier than under his predecessor. And this is happening as he willfully denies the findings of the LCMS-commissioned demographic studies from a couple of years ago.

If you live by the numbers, you die by the numbers. Physician heal thyself, as you are hoisted upon your own petard.