Indifference is not characteristic of the liturgy
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The Word Remains


"Next to God, it is Pastor Loehe to whom our Synod is indebted for its happy beginning and rapid growth in which it rejoices; it may well honor him as its spiritual father. It would fill the pages of an entire book to recount even briefly what for many years this man, with tireless zeal in the noblest unselfish spirit, has done for our Lutheran Church and our Synod in particular."

~ C.F.W. Walther

The Reverend Wilhelm Löhe was a pioneer of American Lutheranism, though he never set foot on our shores.  He is the founder of our synod's oldest seminary, and one of the two main classroom buildings is named in his honor.  

Emmanuel Press has placed a beautiful little volume of distilled wisdom from Pastor Löhe into the hands of English-speaking Lutherans: The Word Remains: Selected Writings on the Church Year and the Christian Life.

Just a snippet regarding The Church's Worship:

"They draw near to Him, He draws near to them; the holy embodiment of this nearness and of His coming we call the liturgy.  As stars around the sun, the congregation gathers around her Lord in worship services full of beauty and majesty.  Words cannot express the soul's joy and heavenly delight for each of us who has the pleasure of taking part in the liturgy."

~ Wilhelm Löhe


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