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It's Here

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Today is the day. We've just launched a weekly Gottescast (podcast), The Gottesdienst Crowd. I'll be interviewing editors of and contributors to the journal and blog, and others, too, on topics of confessional integrity, liturgical preservation, and preaching. I've dropped the first three episodes. 

This podcast was the product of the first ever Gottesdienst Editors' meeting, held in early August. The conversation went a little like this:

"We should do a podcast. Jason, you should be the one to do it."  

"Wait! What? Why me?"

"Because. It'll be easy. And fun. It'll be great."

"Um . . . okay." 

Then while trying to put it all together, trying to figure out the tech side, I heard this in my head: "Do a podcast, they said. It'll be easy, they said. It'll fun and it'll be great, they said." So they twisted my rubber arm. And this is the result. We hope you enjoy. 

You can stream them here. Or you can subscribe through Podbean or on iTunes and listen when you want and where you want.