Indifference is not characteristic of the liturgy
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Leave It Alone. You'll Break It.


For months I have been chipping away, little by little, at a project that has finally come to completion, a collection of Liturgical Observer columns I have written for Gottesdienst over the past  21 years, now under a single cover, entitled Leave It Alone. You’ll Break It. Liturgical Observations (Kewanee, Ill., 2018). 524 pages. This is another Gottesdienst book. 

Some of the things I noted years ago are just as worth noting again today, some ten or twenty years later. So here they are, observations from across the years, all of which have aimed, however inadequately, at supporting the Church and her historic liturgy.

The book retails for $33.98, but it may be discount ordered direct from the printing house for a 25% discount, bringing the price down to $25.49. For an even lower cost, anyone who happens to be at St. Paul’s on a Sunday morning can pick one up for just $20.00. All the proceeds will go to Gottesdienst.

Here's another idea. Make a donation to Gottesdienst of $50 or more (something you wanted to do anyhow, right?) and we will send you a free copy to say thanks.

Burnell Eckardt