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Gottesdienst cannot survive without substantial donations from our friends. We strive to keep our subscription low enough to be affordable, but in order to do this we depend upon generous donations from our patrons.

In 1992, when our first issue came out, there were three men on the staff, and the journal was eight pages long. It was simple and unassuming. Today each issue is twenty pages; we have seven department editors, a webmaster, a copyeditor, and several volunteers. We’re still pretty simple and unassuming, actually. We’ve quietly grown from a readership of around a hundred to a circulation of over a thousand, but we have to admit, that’s still pretty modest.
We’re inclined to think, though, that we have had some influence on American Lutheranism over the past decade, even with our humble circulation. This perspective comes from the many letters, comments, and donations we continually receive from our readers. The response of our readership to our calls for donations is quite an encouragement; so much so that we like to think of ways to work for a continued expansion in circulation.  

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