Indifference is not characteristic of the liturgy
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So, our Lenten journey begins again, and we welcome it, for we know that it always leads to glad Easter, just as we know that the Passion of our Lord led to his resurrection, and to our blessed status as the children of God. Lent means so much more to us when we are able to observe it according to good liturgical practice, for what the liturgy does is bring us Christ’s mercy in a way that is consistent with its beauty. We don’t want cheap imitations, or the latest gimmicks, and we don’t much care for the passing fads of Praise Songs that come and go, driven by the ‘Christian’ market. We need Christ, and his rich and marvelous mercy is made plain to us in a vivid way during Lent; that is, if we are privileged to have the liturgy with which to worship.

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