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We just discovered a typo in our 2019 calendar, which you may have already posted somewhere for reference, especially if you are a print subscriber, since it comes as a special insert. We know some subscribers like to do that. Well, oops. We’re sorry about the error.

As far as we know, the sun will not be standing still for 24 hours (again) on Sunday, October 20th, which, as the calendar reported, would have given us another Sunday on October 21st, the day after. No, that line (the one that begins Oct 21) should obviously be deleted. Then, there are some additional (consequential) changes that need to be made further down. To wit, November 3, the Sunday after Reformation Sunday, should be listed as Trinity 23 (not 24), and its readings are Prov 8:11-22, Phil 3:17-21, and Mt 22:15-22. The following line correctly puts Trinity 25 on November 10, and Trinity 24 is skipped.

The updated calendar is already available for download at this web site.

We apologize for the error and any inconvenience.

Burnell EckardtComment