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TBT: The Vesting Prayers


Here is a number of traditional prayers to be prayed when the celebrant dons his vestments for mass. These prayers may appropriately be printed out and posted in the vestry (From Gottedienst, Michaelmas 2004).

With the Amice

Place, o Lord, on my head the helmet of salvation, that so I may resist the assaults of the devil.

With the Alb

O Lord, wash my sin white and cleanse my heart,

that being washed in the blood of the Lamb,

I may attain the joys of heaven.

With the Cincture

O Lord, wrap me round about with Thy purity,

that I may be chaste in body,

and pure in Thy service.

With the Stole

O Lord, return unto me the garment of immortality

Which I lost through the sin of Adam;

And although I am unworthy to administer

Thy word and sacraments,

Yet through the merits of

Thy holy passion and death, 

Grant that I may attain the joys of heaven.

With the Chasuble

O Lord, whose yoke is easy

And whose burden is light,

Grant that I may be so clothed

That I show forth the presence of Christ.

The washing of the hands

O Lord, grant that through Thy power these hands may administer Thy sacraments, and that I may be enabled to serve Thee without uncleanness of body or soul.

Luther’s Vestry Prayer

O Lord God, dear Father in heaven,

I am indeed unworthy to administer The office and ministry in which I am to make known Thy glory and to nurture and to serve this congregation.

But since Thou hast appointed me to be a pastor and teacher, and the people are in need of the teachings and the instructions, O be Thou my helper and let Thy hold angels attend me.

Then if Thou art pleased to accomplish anything through me, to Thy glory and not to mine or to the praise of men, grant me, out of Thy pure grace and mercy, a right understanding of Thy Word and that I may also diligently perform it.

O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, Thou Shepherd and Bishop of our souls, send Thy Holy Spirit that He may work with me, yea, that He may work in me to will and to do through Thy divine strength according to Thy good pleasure.

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