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Video Resources for Liturgy

We’ve highlighted the work of Gene Wilken before, but in case you missed it, Gene travels around the United States attending various free conferences and events and he videotapes the speakers and other events and then puts them up on Youtube at Flaneur Record.

What might interest some is a series that Gene taped and edited where I explain how Redeemer in Ft. Wayne conducts DS 3 with a sole pastor (no deacon or subdeacon) and a free-standing altar. Here is a playlist with 8 short videos that go through the whole service.

The fairly recent Bugenhagen conference was also recorded. So also the St. Michael’s conferences have been taped over the years and here’s a sermon I preached there last month on martyrdom. From there you can find the rest of the conference and past conferences.

Finally, I wanted to highlight the recent funeral of Rev. Dr. Charles Evanson at Redeemer which is available at the Redeemer channel.

All of our readers should subscribe on Youtube to Flaneur Record. The more subscribers he gets, the more Google and Youtube will direct people there. Comments on videos are also helpful. So also we are always glad to have the same done for Redeemer’s channel.

And, of course, don’t neglect the Gottesdienst channel. Much on that channel, if not all, has been provided by Gene, but it’s still good for the cause if you subscribe to both.