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Teach us, Augustana! - Now with Classes I and II

The Rev. Fr. Gaven Mize, pastor of Augustana Lutheran Church in Hickory, NC, lecturing in a live video streaming series on worship: "Teach us, Augustana!" (An Introduction into Catechetical Aesthetics in God's House).

This is outstanding stuff!

Note the dates:

(all classes streamed live on Facebook, 6:30 pm EST).  Look for the link on Pastor Mize's Facebook timeline.

May 3 (this video below) - Salvation History and the Liturgical Line
May 17 - (this video below) - With Angels and Archangels/How the Feast is Prepared
May 31 - What in the World is Happening Here?  Liturgy and Architecture Working Together

Note: Augustana has a YouTube channel that you can subscribe to.