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From the President of Synod

The President of Synod recently posted this to his Facebook account.

When a public teacher on the roster of Synod can without consequence publicly advocate the ordination of women (even participate vested in the installation of an ELCA clergy person), homosexuality, the Errancy of the Bible, the historical critical method, open communion, communion with the reformed, evolution, and more, then the public confession of the synod is meaningless. I am saying that if my Synod does not change its inability to call such a person to repentance, and remove such a teacher where there is not repentance, then we are liars, and our confession is meaningless. I do not want to belong to such a synod, much less lead it.

Much of what Rev. Harrison refers to happened right here at the Gottesdienst blog some time back. May the Lord grant wisdom and strength to all charged with correcting what has gone awry.

- The Editors