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The Lutheran Propers - special offer

For sale in bulk quantities for congregational use:

The Lutheran Propers
Second Printing

This book retails for $23.00, but we are offering it in bulk quantities (15 copies or more) for congregational use at a special discount price of $16.00 apiece plus s&h.*

This is the product of several years of editing materials from seasonal booklets which had been at use at St. Paul’s in Kewanee, Illinois (home of Gottesdienst) since 1998. In this book, the musical settings for the propers are taken from The Concordia Liturgical Series for Church Choirs (Walter E. Buszin, ed.: St. Louis: Concordia, 1942, 1944). They were prepared for use with the musical setting of the common service first published in The Lutheran Hymnal in 1941, and now published in Lutheran Service Book as setting 3 of the Divine Service. St. Paul’s has been using these propers with the common service for years, but they had gone out of print, until now. A major intention of this book is to make these beautiful musical settings more easily available for congregational use.  Every Sunday and Feast Day is provided, with readings (historic lectionary) and recommended hymns. For convenience, the common service itself is provided (words only), and there is an appendix of hymns, some of which are new, and some of which are were omitted in either TLH or LSB.

The errata, listed on a separate sheet inserted in the first printing, are all corrected in the second printing.

You can go online to to get a sampling of the material, but in order to take advantage of this special offer, you’ll need to order directly from Gottesdienst: provide the information needed on this form and email it to us. We’ll send an invoice with your shipment.


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Quantity (15 minimum)______ (Your total will be 16 times this number, plus s&h*)

*s&h goes down per book as the size of the order goes up: it’s about $1.50  per book if your order is close to 15 copies: about $1.00 per book if it’s around 50, a little less than that if it’s closer to 100, around 75¢ if it’s around 200, etc.
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