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Wittenberg Academy

This is a shameless plug for an endeavor that some of our editors are involved in: Wittenberg Academy, the online Lutheran high school. Really it's more than a high school: we've got students of many levels. For example in Latin (which I teach) we run everything from Elementary Latin for grade schoolers up through Latin Readings and Latin for Adults. Father Beane and Father Braaten also teach for the school.

So Wittenberg Academy is not merely a high school - and neither is it exclusively for the home school crowd. Some brick and mortar Lutheran schools also use WA as a means of expanding their course offerings.

It's an exciting time for Confessional Lutheranism in America. We have so much opportunity to do good - and so much room to grow. The folks who direct the affairs of WA share that excitement about being thoroughly Lutheran - and training the next generation of Lutherans. Check them out!

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