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Call For Sermons!

By Larry Beane

One of the hallmarks of our Lutheran tradition - especially within our confessional and liturgical tradition - is the strength of our preaching.  It is always a great privilege for me, as the sermons editor of Gottesdienst, to review and ponder sermons from my brethren in the Holy Office.

We all have our favorite go-to preachers that we can count on to proclaim Christ crucified, to thunder with the law, and to soothe with the gospel.  We also have a diversity of styles and approaches to the homiletical enterprise and how a given text is treated.  Our Lutheran preaching is indeed a treasure trove, and the quarterly sermons published in Gottesdienst are a delight to our readers.

Of course, every year, our seminaries release more faithful men to do battle against sin, death, and the devil, and as preachers grow in stature and experience, their preaching improves and grows.

I know there are sermons out there that should be published in Gottesdienst, to edify pastors and laypeople alike, to assist pastors young and old in freshening up their own preaching, and in illustrating with clarity that good liturgy is not only about proper rubrics and ritual, but also in faithful proclamation of the Word.

So, if you know of a particular sermon or preacher you would like to see in our print journal, send me an e-mail at pastorbeane (at) gmail  [dot] com.

The only catch is that we run roughly a quarter ahead of time.  Even though our current attention is on Lent, Passiontide, and Eastertide, for publication, right now I am looking for sermons for our Trinity issue.  So please point me to sermons from the early Trinity season (before Michaelmas).  Also, as Sts. Peter and Paul falls on a Sunday this year, please consider sending me a sermon for that Sunday as well.

Getting published in Gottesdienst is even better than being on the cover of The Rolling Stone. We'll even send you three copies for your mother - or your fan club.