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Calling All Delegates!

Here is a post that all the delegates to the LCMS Convention next week need to read. Pastor David Ramirez has made available a paper by our own Pastor H. R. Curtis on Woman in Combat and Natural Law.

It's time. It's Missouri's moment. We are called to speak the truth in love, to confess what we believe  not only from the Scriptures but also what we know to be true from Natural Law. It's time for Missouri to stand firm and confess that we will not act against the Scriptures, but also to hold our leaders accountable to the Natural Law.

Will it be uncomfortable? Will it raise the ire of the world? Yes. But we must obey God rather than men. We must fear God more than man. It's our time. It's our moment. It's time to confess boldly our doctrine. This isn't about what is popular. Nor is it about what is capable. It is about what is right according to the Scriptures and Natural Law. And if we don't, we will be held accountable.

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