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One of the prayers in the old Minister's Prayerbook has something about "guarding our thoughts from wandering." This is a very good thing to pray for. Yesterday was Confirmation Day in these parts; my eldest son was one of our four confirmands.

And I forgot to confirm them.

I would like to blame one (or all) of the FOUR other pastors in the sanctuary at the time (two of whom are High Ranking Synodical Officials) for not helping a brother out, but 1) one of them did try and 2) as Mr. Buffett said, "it's my own damn fault."

Thanks be to God for the usher. After the entire communion liturgy, as I was blithely motioning the befuddled youngsters up for their first communion, he called me aside to say, "You forgot to confirm them." So I confirmed them then before proceeding to the distribution.

Well, at least it wasn't as bad as the time I dismissed a table at Wednesday low mass without giving them the Chalice. . .

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