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Call for Sermons!

By Larry Beane

As I mentioned last fall, I am the sermons editor of the print journal (to which you must subscribe in order to be sanctified, as Gerhard said so long ago - I'll leave the citation to Fr. Curtis), and I am always on the lookout for good homiletical material to publish in Gottesdienst.

The next issue we will be working on is the Michaelmas issue.  Michaelmas is the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel (September 29), and it breaks up the post-Trinity season into two parts - which works well for a quarterly journal.

So if you are a pastor and have a gem of a sermon that was preached in the latter half of Trinity/Pentecost - after Michaelmas, or if you have heard or read a sermon that you think would be of benefit to our readers, please send it to me at as soon as possible.

If you have other sermons from different times of the church year, I would also be more than happy to review them and hold them until the appropriate season.

And thank you, dear readers, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, dear confessors and defenders of the faith! Thank you for your prayers, your kind words of encouragement, and for reading and supporting Gottesdienst and for courageously defending the liturgical proclamation of the Gospel of Christ crucified unto the forgiveness of sins.  Your defense of the Evangelical Catholic liturgical tradition and its preaching, catechesis, and confession today will serve generations yet unborn.