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Ah, politics

That was quick: the long knives (here and here) are out for Harrison regarding his response to the Newtown interfaith vigil-prayer-event. The upcoming election for Synod President will be a referendum on this action - count on it.

Would it have been better to choose other ground? Perhaps publicly rebuking a DP who dismissed charges against a certain professor who advocates for women's ordination and homosexuality? Or putting out a forthright plan to end lay ministry? Maybe - but hindsight is 20/20. Harrison wanted to lay down a firm foundation on these issues, build a consensus, and make big, lasting change.

But now this is the ground. There is a lesson here for parish pastors. A fight will always come and find you, no matter what you do. Be wise as serpents, meek as doves - pick your ground when you can, but dig in when you can't.

We fight not against flesh and blood. . .

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