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Goooooooooo TEAM!

By Larry Beane

Good news: to its credit, CPH has removed the video that they sent the world via e-mail and YouTube promoting the Go Team Jesus Megaphone and Popcorn Holder.

Deo gratias.

Bad news: as of now, CPH is still selling the Go Team Jesus Megaphone and Popcorn Holder.  Perhaps this too shall pass - hopefully not like a kidney stone.

Here is what CPH wants you to know about it:

The Go Team Jesus megaphone makes a great popcorn holder for sporting events!

The importance of sports in the development of a child is the responsibility of parents and coaches. Many experts believe that beside the obvious benefits of sports like physical exercise, building self-esteem, and learning the importance of teamwork, the primary goal of sports is to help children feel valued and wanted. 

The Go Team Jesus megaphone is a great way to help parents and friends cheer on their student athletes. If you run a concession stand at school sporting events the Go Team Jesus megaphone makes a great popcorn holder.

  • Simply fill a plastic cup with popcorn
  • Place the cup into the Go Team Jesus Megaphone
  • Top off with a little more popcorn and you have a great way provide a souvenir with purchase
  • Use this FREE downloadable sign to advertise
Don’t wait supplies are limited so order your Go Team Jesus megaphones now!

Maybe Gottesdienst should make an offer for the remaining stock.  With a little blue and white paint, the letters could be reformatted to: GotTesdienst! and the megaphone could double as a brat holder to be used at the upcoming Oktoberfest.

Historically speaking, marketing and fundraising have always been among the church's weakest links.