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Gottesdienst West: This Wednesday in Kearney, NE

Several districts have sent resolutions to Synod to end "lay ministry" and restore AC XIV in the the LCMS (Southern Illinois, Wyoming, Indiana, Central Illinois. . . I know there are more). The Synod president has also been talking about this topic publicly as he visits the district conventions - even in places like the Northwest District which, along with a few other districts has issued resolutions asking us to keep violating AC XIV.  There is every reason to hope that the 2013 Synod Convention will be presented with a plan that will map out an end to the LCMS' twenty-something year hiatus from the AC. But it will only happen if there is a groundswell of support from pastors and laity alike. 

To that end, Gottesdienst has a one day conference on Lay Ministry and AC XIV scheduled for this Wednesday in Kearney, NE. It's districts like Nebraska that will turn the tide in the LCMS: they have lived with a district bureaucracy that supports lay ministry for a long while, but as individual pastors have taught and fought for the truth, things on the ground have changed. We'd especially like to see a lot of laity at this conference. Full registration information is here

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