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Out of the Barn!

The Trinity issue of Gottesdienst has left the stable, and bolted from the barn!  But behold, it's a brand new barn!  We have employed the services of a new printer, JG Imprinters, which means that for most of our readers, the journal will be appearing soon in your mailbox without an envelope.  We hope this doesn't create any difficulties, and we don't expect it to.  We couldn't pass up the savings it means for us.  We already operate on a shoestring (to donate, please click here!), so this savings is really sort of a necessity, and hopefully without any reduction in quality.  In fact, some of you readers might even be getting your issue before we even get to see it ourselves, since they're mailing the packages with multiple copies to our office on the same day as the bulk mailing goes out  (they say that bulk mail usually takes 2-3 weeks, but sometimes it's much quicker).  Not a subscriber?  Well  then, sign up today.

In this issue:

Song vs. Hymn                   

Trinity 7                           Larry L. Beane II
Trinity 14                         Paul L. Beisel

Liturgical Observer
What Exactly Is Wrong
with Praise Music                Burnell F. Eckardt Jr.

Commentary on the War
Praying for Pity’s Sake David H. Petersen

The Motley Magpie
I Don’t Vote Peter M. Berg

Guest Essays
Why the Celebrant Should Face East
Charles L. McClean
The Problem with Protestantism
Larry L. Beane II

Taking Pains
Turning Burnell F. Eckardt Jr.

You Dassn’t Do That
Happy Birthday, Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Rebranding Göttesdïenst

Musing on the Mysteries
The Creation of Woman
Genesis 2:18-25 Karl F. Fabrizius