Indifference is not characteristic of the liturgy
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You Dassn't Do That

From the current issue -- Calling all readers:  Become our eyes and ears!  Send us something goofy, outrageous, or just out-of-place that you’ve recently seen in church.  Give us the details of where and when you saw it, but we promise we won’t put anything in the journal except the Synod and District in which the offense was spotted, and we won’t even list your name.  Maybe, if people get the idea that we have eyes everywhere, they’ll start thinking they ought to behave themselves.  Wouldn’t that be grand!  To send a folly online, go to, click Contact Us, and select You Dassn’t Do That from the dropdown list.  Or you could drop us a line via email

I expect Holy Week might be a reservoir for shenanigans across the land, so be on the lookout . . .