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CTCR: the good and the. . . yet to be determined

A couple CTCR items. First, I think they have done a fine job of rejecting the dissent of Dr. Matthew Becker of Valparaiso University and (oddly enough) the NWD of the LCMS. For this the CTCR should be commended with our thanks. Read it here and here. One hopes that now the way is clear for the rest of the Synod's due process to proceed and remove Dr. Becker from the Synod roster. By his own admission he favors the ordination of women to the pastoral office and rejects the traditional Christian understanding of creation and death as punishment for the sin of an historical Adam and Eve. He has had every opportunity to repent. Various brothers have spoken to him face to face over the years on these topics. We have engaged him in debate on this blog and on his own. His heart is hard on these matters. He is convinced he is right as much as the Pope is convinced he is right about purgatory and prayer to the saints. Well, the Pope ain't Lutheran. . .

Second, along with every other member of the Synod, I just received a CTCR document on prayer. It looks to be a discussion of the Lutheran understanding of prayer. The receipt of the document causes me some confusion. Was this a hot topic that required a long document to be printed and mailed to thousands of addresses? What is the cost for that? What is the utility of that? Why not just post it on their website in pdf and send me an email? Perhaps these questions are answered in the document: frankly, the topic did not engage me enough to tempt me away from parish duties to read it cover to cover.

At any rate, see the poll at right.

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