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DDSB for your Kindle and iPad

I've received many requests for eReader versions of Daily Divine Service Book and have finally gotten around to the rather frustrating task of formatting the files. (Word to the wise: don't bother using Calibre to make ePub files! Use the free Open Office Add On and don't look back. Calibre works great for making .mobi files for the Kindle.)

Amazon is a breeze to work with - pick up your Kindle edition of DDSB here. I sent the file directly to my wife's Kindle and it works great.

You can also get DDSB on your iPhone or iPad, but you've got to do it via download (here) and iTunes right now. You see, getting distribution to the iBookstore is very troublesome. They are very stringent about how the ePub metadata has to be formatted and so far it's been a terrible pain and I'm fixin' to give up. But the workaround is simple. Get the ePub file here and put it in iTunes on your laptop or desktop and then sync up your iPad or iPhone and it should appear in your books. Buyer/Apple user beware: this is how various Apple forums say to do this, I don't use Apple products aside from my iPod mini so I have not actually done it (though it appears to be the same process as manually adding files to the library in iTunes.) The ePub file itself works just fine on my laptop's ePub reader.

I enjoy reading books on the Kindle and I can see how this would work for shut-in calls or browsing the propers. But one of my main gripes with Kindle is that it's not too easy to flip back and forth from, say, page 30 to page 176. So with this ebook you will have to navigate on your own to the proper that you want ahead of time and will not have easy access to the ordinary (but I never flip back to the Ordinary during shut-in calls or Wednesday low mass anyway, nor do I think most pastors do - surely you've got that memorized?). But for using one set of propers, I think those who use either Kindle or iPhone/iPad will find this format useful.

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