Indifference is not characteristic of the liturgy
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And the answer is. . .

I think Fr. Petersen put it best in the comments on the previous post: whichever song is imagined as the "Praise Song" it is deeply creepy.

The non-praise song was sent to me by Fr. Kyle Mietzner because he knows I know about the thing that is the Shaggs. Uff. He said that the Vivian Girls sounds like what the Shaggs would sound like if they could actually sing together. And it's not half bad.

I had to look up the lyrics and when I did, boy howdy, it sounded like a praise song. So I was moved to search for a real praise song and have this little contest. This was listed as the fourth most popular praise song currently running in American Evangelical circles. The most popular version seems to be by one Kari Jobe - with whom the the Texas District of the LCMS had a spot of trouble some years ago. Egads, this video is beyond creepy. And the comments: ultra beyond creepy.

Folks, if you import non-Lutheran stuff into your Lutheran church it won't be, you know, so Lutheran anymore.

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