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Freed from the Shopkeeper's Prison - IN Presentation

Note: Several of the Gottesdienst editors have given presentations at regional, district, and circuit events. In fact, we are working on creating a speakers' bureau to provide a clearing house to connect district conference committees with speakers who can provide thought-provoking, Confessional, theological, and practical presentations. In the coming days I'm planning on posting examples of these presentations. Here is my latest - +HRC

Freed from the Shopkeeper's Prison
Presented at the Indiana District's North Region General Pastor's Conference, May 9-10, 2011

Lutherans have been highly influenced by the outreach and evangelism methods, outlook, language, and expectations of the conservative American Protestant churches. But is there another path? What about the doctrine of Election? What exactly is the Pastor's job? What is his duty in the task of "outreach"? How did Jesus and the Apostles "do evangelism"? These and other questions are explored in this four part presentation by Rev. H. R. Curtis.

Both text files and audio files are listed below. Of course, there is some stuff in the text that is not in the audio and vice versa. Part IV, especially, is really only fully there in the audio with the text being notes.

Text files (pdf):

Audio files (mp3 - thanks to Fr. Erich Fickel):

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