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Call Day Update from CID

Below I predicted that Call Day would see between 5%-10% of the men not receive full-time calls. Alas, it appears I was an optimist. Several readers from the CID have let me know that their district president just sent out an email announcement for all the district parish newsletters. It reads, in part: "It is anticipated that approximately 20-30 Seminary candidates will have to wait until after Call Day before receiving their first call."

Please note, that's 20-30 not receiving any call - some number will also, of course, receive calls that will be intentionally part-time in nature.

Pray for these young men and their families. And pray for wisdom among the men who have the charge to fix this imbalance. And if you know someone contemplating Seminary - by all means encourage him to first make sure he has a back up plan for feeding his family.

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