Indifference is not characteristic of the liturgy
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Eucharistic Adoration

How did TDP get printed? Several times over the course of the year I find myself asking that question - not because there is anything amiss, but because Treasury of Daily Prayer is so darn good, Lutheran, liturgical, and down right evangelical-catholic. Imagine if everybody in your congregation were reading this today:

"Now, here we are not saying that one should not worship our dear Lord Jesus Christ in this Sacrament, being present, of that one should not hold this Sacrament with all honor and reverence. On the contrary, since these divine, almighty, true words are believed, all of this follows of itself, and not only in external gestures but also both externally and, first and foremost, in the heart, spirit, and truth. On account of this, such adoration of Christ is not thereby cancelled, but much rather, confirmed. For where the Word is rightly seen, considered and believed, the adoration of the Sacrament will happen of itself. For whoever believes that Christ's body and blood are there (as there is plenty of evidence so to believe, and it is necessary so to believe), he cannot, to be sure, deny his reverence to the body and blood of Christ without sin. For I must confess that Christ is there when His body and blood are there. His words do not lie to me, and He is not separate from His body and blood." - George von Anhalt, TDP, February 3, pp. 1179-80

Rubric from DDSB: It is appropriate for the congregation to make the sign of the cross at the elevation/genuflection and to quietly hail the present Christ with Thomas' Confession:"My Lord and my God."

And that's why I buy a TDP as a wedding present for any members who get married.

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