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A useful discussion

When I posted the response from Rev. Dr. Torgerson I did not expect that Rev. Dr. Becker would himself stop by for a discussion. While I am saddened at the latter's insistence on his false doctrine, and frustrated by his continual obfuscation - the discussion was, I think, a fruitful one.

I have just posted another reply from Fr. Torgerson in the comments that he sent to me privately. I think it puts a good cap on that discussion.

However, several questions were posed to Fr. Becker that did not receive a response as they were just off the main course of the discussion. I think the questions are important, and do relate very closely to the question of women's ordination and the world-view that allows for that aberration. I list the questions below, and if Fr. Becker would like to answer them and engage in further discussion, I think that would be informative for all sides.

I asked: Does Fr. Becker believe that the Pastoral Epistles were written by St. Paul himself. Or are they, rather, deutero-Pauline or even pseudepigraphic?

Father Krenz asks: "Thanks for the clarification to my question... Please indulge me with one more: Do you believe our Lord Jesus Christ could just as well have become incarnate as a woman? Why or why not? Because it seems to me that this is more than just a practical question."

Several readers asked about the connection between the ordination of women and the approval of homosexuality. I think Fr. Ramirez was most to the point:

"I have talked to many NALC folks/conservative ELCA folks who are opposed to blessing homosexual sin, but support WO. Many in Missouri have pointed to the connection between the two issues, but I have never been satisfied with arguments of how one can support one and not the other.

"So anyway, how do you support one and not the other?"

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