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Poll: What you don't use in LSB

The poll this week is for folks from parishes that utilize LSB. One of the main features of LSB is its inclusiveness. For the Divine Service and the Daily Office, basically all of TLH and LW are included. But how much of this is used in your parish? Please note, you are voting for the services you DON'T use.

(I'm leaving the other services - Responsive Prayer, Litany, etc. - to the side for now and just considering the Divine Service and Daily Office orders.)

For example, in the parishes I serve we use only one setting of the Divine Service (LSB's fine setting of the Common Service, DS III), Matins, Evening Prayer, and Compline. Matins is used for school chapel and Evening Prayer and Compline are used for the Advent and Lent prayer services.

I'm curious to see whether or not there are any services that are pocket vetoed by the vast majority of LSB users (I suspect that there are). I also doubt that many parishes utilize all ten services - so if you are going to prove me wrong on that score, please tell us how all that works in the comments!

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