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This Week's Poll: Baptism

We didn't get a poll up last week what with the festivities in Kewanee, and with all the other news around here we also didn't get a chance to call attention to the last poll we had on the reservation of the Sacrament. A slight majority of our readers reserve the Sacrament either against the next communion (34%) or specifically for distribution for shut-ins throughout the week (18%). For a number of reasons I've stated before, I prefer the minority position of consuming all that is consecrated at the Mass, at that Mass (47%).

But on to a new topic today. How is Baptism most often celebrated in your parish? From Luther's Taufbüchlein it is clear that the prevailing practice was baptism outside of the Divine Service. In our day, I suspect that it is quite the opposite.

I'm torn between the two. On the one hand I like to use the full baptismal liturgy and setting this Sacrament apart with its own service. On the other hand, if one makes a habit of this the congregation rarely gets to see a baptism. But using the whole Baptismal liturgy in the Divine Service is often impossible because of scheduling on Sunday morning (my early service simply cannot run 15 minutes over, for example, or I cannot make it to the second parish on time).

At right please note what the prevailing practice is at your parish and in the comments give your thoughts on this pastoral dilemma.

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