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Octoberfest Review

If you weren't in Kewanee this past Sunday, Monday, and/or Tuesday, then I am sad to tell you that you missed the Best Octoberfest Ever. It's hard to summarize two hours of conversation, four hours of presentation, and a sermon from Prof. Scaer - but he brought the house down. The main attraction at Octoberfest is really the gathering of good pastors - what an encouragement to drink a beer and converse with these guys! Next year, do what it takes to get to Kewanee. And watch for more regional gatherings. . .especially in the Kansas City area.

Finally, like all the sermons in the back of CJ, this Octoberfest had Three Main Points.

* Scaer: Serve the congregation for the sake of Christ, not Christ for the sake of the congregation.

* The liturgically minded Gottesdienst Crowd (tm), to a man, marry far above their station.

* That new guy from Iowa East with a buzz cut is a MENSCH.

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