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Combating Receptionism

Continuing with Fr. Stuckwisch's theme of reverence at the Lord's Supper. . .

Did you ever think we'd see the day when the Missouri Synod had a man in the presidium who was a forthright and well-spoken opponent of receptionism? The Rev. Dr. Scott Murray wrote a wonderfully clear and concise demolition of receptionism for Logia a while back - you can read it here; it would make a great study for a Winkel. He carefully examines the historical circumstances that made this error popular in the Missouri Synod from a perspective of deep and abiding respect for the theologians he is taking to task. It is an excellent example of churchmanly rebuke.

So there's one idea for combating receptionism - spread around that article by our new Fifth Vice President.

And here's another: genuflect (or if your knees are bad: deeply bow) after each of the consecrations on Sunday. All ceremonies teach - and this ancient ceremony makes clear our confession that once Jesus speaks his Word, reality adjusts itself accordingly.

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