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Gottesdienst Shamelessly Asks for Donations

We never were very big on fund raising, which is probably why we sometimes suddenly notice when the funds run low.

Well, they're running pretty low, folks.

So if you have a little extra, you might, er, consider sending some our way?

Or if you have a lot, or know someone who does, that would be even better.

Gottesdienst has been seeking to promote the Christian faith through the historic liturgy since 1992. Your gift helps us to continue to do this. We couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of generous donors in the past, and we need to rely on your generosity just as much now as we ever have. As many of you have depended on us for eighteen years to provide you with the very best in material promoting dignified, evangelical liturgy and worship, we must also depend on you to help us again, as you are able, to keep the mission moving.

Just click here to donate online. Or you could send us a check:

c/o St. Paul's Lutheran Church
109 South Elm Street
Kewanee, IL 614433

NOTE: Donors giving $500 or more receive a lifetime print subscription.