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Well, There's an Advertising Twist

Driving through Indiana yesterday we saw this sign, a cheery invitation for visitors to Cornerstone Church: New Pastor! Fresh Approach!

I wonder what kind of thinking runs through the minds of people who think an advertisement that their church has a new pastor with a fresh approach will bring new members. One could take this a number of ways, I suppose, but the most glaring, it seems to me, would be a serious caveat emptor, since another way to say "new pastor, fresh approach" is to say, We have such little regard for the ministry that we are letting the world know how unpopular, stale, and worn out our old pastor was. How can a church with such a disdain for the pastor be a welcoming place for anybody?

Now the question is, Who wrote this sign? The people? In which case I pity the poor new pastor and advise him to watch his backside. Or, perhaps, the new pastor himself, in which case I'd be inclined to quip that what goes around comes around.

In any case, this definitely qualifies as creepy.