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One Day Gottesdienst Workshop in NE - June 18

Gottesdienst West - June 18 - Ravenna, NE

Is beautiful Kewanee a bit of a drive for you? Don't like flying these
days, what with the government porno scanners? This June Gottesdienst
will sponsor the first of what we hope to be a series of one-day
workshops on the liturgy and related topics held in locales some
distance from HQ.

Gottesdient Online Editor, Fr. Heath R. Curtis, returns to his native
Nebraska to expose the semi-Arminianism of modern Missouri while
outlining a practice of worship and mission actually founded on the
Gospel of grace alone (also known as the doctrine of Election). In the
afternoon, the topic will be a how-to session on conducting the
traditional ceremony of the Lutheran Mass. Conference materials will
include a three-ring altar book of the Common Service with detailed

For more information or to register - contact the host, Fr. Micah
Gaunt: mgaunt2000 AT yahoo DOT com

Tentative Schedule

8:30 Matins

9:00 registration, coffee and rolls.

9:15 First Presentation: The Liturgy as Lighthouse for the Elect

10:30 Break & discussion

11:30 Lunch

12:15 Walk through the rubrics

1:30 Break

2:00 Divine Service

3:00 Beer
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