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Gottesdienst for Christmas

Count me as one who is not so quick to pile on the merchants for 'commercializing' Christmas and ruining the holy season for the rest of us. Listen, they're just doing their best to make an honest living, and everyone knows December can be make it or break it for some. So they advertise at the time of season when we are most likely to go out and buy stuff to put under the tree. Nothing wrong with that. And if the stores pipe in Christmas music, who am I to complain about occasionally hearing the blessed name of Jesus in the marketplace?

In fact, we at Gottesdienst are ourselves merchants, as it turns out. So herewith, we unabashedly advertise to all you Gottesdiensters out shopping about for gifts in Christmasland, saying:

Hark! Behold! Gottesdienst for Christmas!

Here's a great Christmas gift you don't even have to wrap: a two-year gift subscription to Gottesdienst. Just click here, scroll down and fill in the info we'll need (there's a place to fill in gift subscription information), and we'll send your recipient a letter advising of the great gift you're sending.

Do it now, and check another name off your shopping list!