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A call for Sabre nominees

The Sabre of Boldness on display at Peace Lutheran Church, Sussex, Wisconsin

The Sabre of Boldness on display at Peace Lutheran Church, Sussex, Wisconsin

Come January, we'll be looking to find a recipient for the 2019 Sabre of Boldness award. So we're asking for nominees.

The award is given “For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity on behalf of the Holy Church of Christ while engaged in the confession of His pure Gospel in the face of hostile forces and at the greatest personal risk.”

If you have a nominee, please submit the name via e-mail.  State the name, address, and telephone number of the nominee and the reasons why he or she is a fitting choice for Sabre Bearer.  The degree of the adversity, steadfast resistance to pressures to compromise, heedlessness of threats, and a clear confession of faith are considered.  The slate will close on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019.

Bearers of the Sabre

2018 The Rev.erend John Hill, President of the Wyoming District, LCMS                                 

2017  The Reverend Dr. Gottfried Martens and Trinity Lutheran Church in Berlin, Germany
2016  The Reverend Charles Wildner
2015  The Reverend Jeffrey Horn
2014  The Reverend Michael Brockman
2013  Mrs. Katie Schuermann
2012  The Reverend Paul Rydecki
2011  The Reverend Brian Saunders
2010  The Right Reverend Dr. Paul Kofi Fynn
2009  The Reverend Juhana Pohjola
2008  The Reverend Aaron Moldenhauer
2007  The Reverend Dr. Ronald Feuerhahn
2006  Bishop Walter Obare
2005  The Reverend Edward Balfour
2004  The Reverend Charles M. Henrickson
2003  The Reverend Dr. Wallace Schulz
2002  The Reverend Erich Fickel
2001  The Reverend Dr. John C. Wohlrabe
2000  The Reverend Peter M. Berg
1999  The Reverend Gary V. Gehlbach
1998  The Reverend Dr. Edwin S. Suelflow
1997  The Reverend Jonathan G. Lange
1996  The Reverend Peter C. Bender


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