Indifference is not characteristic of the liturgy
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A blog of the Evangelical Lutheran Liturgy

Not in Print. Not Online. Live and in Person.


If we are reading the tea-leaves correctly, the increase in our blog traffic is telling us that we are providing a needed service to lots of people. And if this is so, we encourage you, dear readers, to consider this: you can join us. Come see what we do in person, worship with us, listen and speak with us. There are two annual events coming up for your consideration. On Monday, September 24th, at Zion in Detroit is the St. Michael Conference.  And on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, October 7-9, at St. Paul's in Kewanee, Illinois is Oktoberfest and Gottesdienst Central.  For details and a history of our conferences, click here.

Here's why you need to register now, and come:

  • observe the kind of worship we're fostering and promoting, and join us in it
  • learn from some stellar keynote speakers and others
  • spend time with like-minded people in conversation and exchange
  • get away to a retreat-like setting with compatriots in the Gospel
  • enjoy some great food and Lutheran beverages
  • say you've been to the best party on the block!