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On Good Practices

We would be wise to heed Loehe’s warning about a bad pastoral practice that does not teach the Reformed and others the true teaching regarding the Sacrament, but lets these “unbelievers” come to the altar as if it is a matter of “private opinion” rather than the true Biblical doctrine of the Sacrament.  KF

“The Sacrament for a Lutheran must be the one and all not only of churchly life but also of the Christian life. The Sacrament forms, the Sacrament sustains, the Sacrament advances and perfects the congregation if it is comprehended, explained, administered, and used as it should be. In it the center is given for the leading of the congregation and the individual soul; in it are concentrated in an understandable and present way all the doctrines of the church, most of all those concerning justification and sanctification. … Pastors and congregations who have agreed to the sacramental Lutheran direction have, I firmly believe, a promise that the gates of hell will not overcome them, if indeed they have agreed not only on a human but also on a spiritual level.” (Opinion Concerning Communion Fellowship 1863, in Closed Communion, St.Louis, CPH, 2017, p.186.)

Karl Fabriziius